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The more you know the better your chance of success.

Whether you are in a process of merging with some other company or thinking of acquiring one, what matters is your knowledge of the other parts reality. It is usual to study outer matters like history, markets, competition, products and figures very carefully. The real future potential is however in the fivefold diamond of human potential, team excellence, time usage, business value and the working culture. You need to grasp the entire picture. 

Regardless of the degree of intended integration, added knowledge is power. Don´t even think that you will find out everything by yourself. You need more eyes, more senses and more brains. That´s where we show up. We help you to see the forest behind the first trees.

At the end of the day work is all about communication.

The main reason why mergers and acquisitions fail is poor communication. And poor communication emanates from unwillingness to open up. So much trouble can be saved, problems solved and negative emotions removed with proper communication. 

When you express your thoughts mutually and your expectations openly to the other part, the possibilities of a successful cooperation get exponential. On the other hand, the more you hold back and shut up, the more chances of total failure, because of facades and blind spots. Sharing commercially sensitive information before being formally under one roof takes courage.

Lead by showing how things work, not by managing change.

Integrating two separate organizations is like navigating through a storm. You need courage, clarity, credibility and capabilities. The recipe for success is doing, not only aiming, leading instead of managing. 

In all integrations the question is what to increase, decrease, cut, add or remain. Not all M&A:s should be integrated at all, and in other cases the integration should be total. Sometimes you might need to separate and sell out parts. With weCan you get the answers you need. 

Now it is your turn to create your own future.

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