Reshaping a Culture

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Culture is what your people do every day.

Your habits create your culture, and culture determines your results. Daily habits create all cultures, may it be individuals, teams, companies or entire societies. The single most difficult thing for any culture is to let go of old habits in favor of new ones. It is easy and deceptive to let the rear mirror become bigger than the windscreen. 

Reshaping a culture is done in five steps: asking, learning, focusing, executing and repeating. First ask the right questions and listen to really learn and understand where you are right now. Then focus concretely on a few areas to improve. Don´t forget to inspire alignment. Finally execute relentlessly and last but not least repeat so that the new habits stick. 

Culture is how you manage time in your company.

When your purpose is clear and your targets are well defined, time should be allocated accordingly. Your company´s collective time usage is successful when everyone knows what to do next, without procrastination. Simple as a statement and yet hard to establish as a culture in real life. It is hard because too often people simply don´t know the effect of their time usage. 

One important aspect of managing time is to measure how long it takes for you to gather enough accurate data about your current capabilities and future potential. Doing this evaluation with smart methods saves you loads of time.

Culture is the trust you create.

Trust is a plural word. It is something very concrete and extremely visible, even if it is emotionally driven. Trust is a multiplicator for execution. The more trust you create, the faster the strategy gets executed. And it is not only about predictive trust, it is more important with vulnerability based trust. With vulnerability based trust you create a culture of openness and mutual accountability and thereby focus on end results.

Building a reservoir of trust is essential for your growth. It is an active work. After that trust must be maintained and increased by everyday actions. Then you can withdraw from the trust account without getting into deficit mode. The correlation of all this is huge to ideas, innovation and inspiration in your company.

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