Growth and profitability

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Growth is a result of doing something in another way.

There is a huge difference in being good, great, excellent or outstanding. You choose where you want to be. 

Doing things differently and doing different things are the ingredients for growth. Hard work is not enough. The work needs to be out on right targets. The purpose – the why – of the work is naturally important for motivation but if you don´t put the work on right targets you might find yourself very motivated in a wrong place. 

Growth is a choice to make continuous incremental improvements in accurate areas. It is about small and crucially important development steps done by numerous repetitions.

Every person and company wants to bring the very best out of itself. It is a law by nature. We have a strong desire for success and fulfillment. However, intentions are not enough. You need to start acting differently. New habits and only new lead to new results. 

Growth is about focusing where you can make the maximum impact.

Focus means everything for growth. Where focus goes, energy flows. Do you focus on solutions or problems, strengths or weaknesses, future or past? Since you can´t do everything and can´t please everyone, the crucial part in growth is to focus on areas where your capabilities meet the customer needs in the most profitable way.  

Your growth capability is measured by how much you can expand the company´s tolerance window. What we mean by that is the ability of your people to step out from their comfort zones. When trying something new you should have the willingness and ability to fail. Only within a culture of safely failing forward innovative habits can take place.  

Forget one-size-fits-all strategies. Instead use accurate, clever and specific weCan indicators to see where you are now, where your potential is and how you can get there. 

Now it is your turn to create your own future.

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