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Niclas Lindgren

Chief Executive Officer, Partner
Helsinki, Finland
+358 40 900 0480

With sharp focus on both big picture and details, Niclas is a professional worth listening to. He has a wide and multicultural experience in redesigning strategies and management systems. 

When Niclas is involved in change implementation he provides a game plan and role fit for optimal outcomes. 

Lasse Wendelin

Concept Founder, Global Networker, Partner
Helsinki, Finland / Hong Kong
+358 400 241190
+86 130 6274 8040

Lasse Wendelin has been involved as an advisor in business development and organization transformation, cross-cultural leadership and sales development for the past 20 years.

He has advised and coached all levels of professionals, teams and corporations, ranging from large Blue Chips to family companies all over the world.
Lasse is at his best when establishing new dimensions of transformational leadership and helping individuals and teams in reaching out for their fullest potential. He has been the driving force behind the weCan growth system.
As client references can be mentioned companies such as Ahlstrom, Nokia, Ericsson, JA Resorts, Freudenberg, SEB, Microsoft, BASF, Lindstrom Group.

Timo Erämetsä

Helsinki, Finland
+358 40 842 8458

With Timo you never feel left alone in your change and development efforts. He has a great passion about designing organizations for future success. 

Timo has the ability to see potential where others don't even look. His style is open and listening, always striving to enhance human potential. Many of his clients return to Timo over and over again, which is a sign of true willingness to grow as a coach and consultant. 

Miika Korsman

Helsinki, Finland
+358 400 200 885

The world is full of processes, in nature, society, business and human life. The human being either improves or prevents these processes.

Miika has a passion to understand why some processes are more value added than others, and why some companies succeed over and over again. During his career Miika has overcome many transformations and lead a number of teams to higher profitability. 

One of Miika´s famous slogans for increased profitability is “combining engineering with empathy”. 

Jouni Varpelaide

Helsinki, Finland
+358 400 437 874

Jouni is not just any other lawyer. He is equipped with a special understanding in how to combine people, culture and business in a sustainable way. He is a solution focused questioner, a warranty for any business.

His experience in building up successful businesses is well known and he has done his homework in the field of leading change.Acquisitions, mergers and financing are among his specialties. 

One of his core messages is that digitalization has to be seen as a possibility and not a threat. The sooner we start using the new technologies, the better we can achieve benefits from it. 

Johanna Huhtamäki

Customer Experience Manager, Partner
Helsinki, Finland
+358 44 023 0581

Johanna has a passion for helping people and organizations to find their fullest potential. Her ability to listen and understand is simply outstanding. 

With Johanna on board when implementing change you can be sure of dedication and curiosity that always find the best solution. 

Jon von Weymarn

Chief Digital Officer, Partner
Helsinki, Finland
+358 40 588 9842

Jon has a unique ability to bring the big picture close to you so that you know what is best to do next. 

As the weCan digital officer Jon helps you in harnessing the technology to support a successful change. 

Jari Hietala

Bangkok, Thailand
+66 6170 86006
+358 40 563 1881

Jari is a business development specialist with +20 years of global experience. He masters sales channel management and market access development in Asia and Western Europe especially in cleantech business and manufacturing industries.

When dealing with Jari you can sense a combination of maturity and continuous hunger for growth-oriented solutions. 

He has cultivated an ability to see potential in places where others don´t even look. Every customer situation is unique and every project deserves a tailored solution, he says. 

Lasse Liukkonen

Hong Kong, China
+852 8124 5881
+86 136 0289 6512

Lasse has a motto: “Do the right thing!”. This motto drives him to help his customers in every possible way.  This very same attitude is driving Lasse as an individual. 

Companies entering new markets become successful with their own competitive advantage in their own unique way. However, reasons for failure are often similar for all companies. With this philosophy Lasse guides companies locally in China to overcome the usual reasons of failure and instead build up a successful business. 

Working with Lasse will be your pleasure since he will give you the attention you and your business deserves. 

Klaus Viljanmaa

Wichita, US
+1 316 200 0665

Klaus comes from a family line of business visionaries that goes back generations. Whatever Klaus does, he does whole-heartedly, as is evidenced by his string of successful business ventures both in Europe and US. 

Determination for goals, bright mind for strategies and sharp focus for details are words used to describe him by customers and colleagues. 

His passion for business and innovation continues to drive his career — both as an active venture capitalist and as a consultant who uses his broad experience to help businesses achieve their potential.

Niko Wei

Interim Marketing Manager
Shanghai, China
+86 137 6169 5955

Niko has a solid experience from marketing, PR, branding and media communication. 


Qiuling Gong

Interim Executive Assistant
Shanghai, China
+ 86 182 2138 5971

Ling has knowledge of incorporating modern technology in the management system. She works on transmitting  the core ideas of weCan to customers in an accurate way, while taking care of  marketing, interpretation,customer interviews, and other duties. 

Ling welcomes you to contact her in any kind of matter related to weCan operations in China or elsewhere. She is dedicated to help you in every possible way.

Gardenia Zeng

Beijing, China
+86 188 0119 0954

Gardenia is an entrepreneur minded professional, always striving to deliver the very best service to her clients. 

She has a genuine interest in helping people and companies to find new practices and habits for growth and profitability. Working together with Gardenia is a guarantee of sincerity and effortful work. 

Her experience of working with people from many different countries and lines of work has helped her to develop strong communication skills. The intense environment of working as an interpreter has developed her ability to work under great pressure with sharp mind. 


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